Spring break 2

SEAFOOD AND JAZZ (Thursday March 28th)

The second part of this vacation has started. I’m in the hotel room at Venetia in Houston with Hanna, Lovisa and Alex. We have made big plans for these two days and it will be really nice. Tomorrow we will eat breakfast and then go to NASA space center. After that some walking around in downtown and dinner at a barbecue restaurant. Saturday we will go to an outlet mall and then eat at Hard Rock Cafe. I hope we have time to see the Bay area and maybe Galveston Island. Those places seem nice!

The weather here in Houston, TX is awesome! We arrived at 10pm and it wasn’t cold at all to walk around in shorts. It’s high humidity makes it feel like we are in some tropical place and that is awesome! In New Orleans it was really really cold except for today and mostly yesterday. We all walked around in t-shirts and tank tops and everyone except me and Martina got really sunburnt! I got a little red on my chest, but that went away today.

It was kinda too bad we were in New Orleans when it was super cold and left when it got warmer. But according to weather channels it’s gonna be like 26 C tomorrow and on Saturday, yay!

So, yesterday, after my first Spring Break update we went out for dinner. There were huge lines outside every resturant with seafood. The only one that didn’t have any lines that would take us like two hours were one called Bourbon House seafood. We figured out why when we saw the prices. But we thought it would be a nice experience to eat at a fancy seafood restaurant in New Orleans. I had Crab Crusted Fish which was served with mashed potatoes, a white sauce and steamed vegetables. Really good! I also shared a desert with all the other girls and in total, with tax and tips I paid $50 which is kind of like a normal dinner out in Sweden. It felt really fancy when three different guys were taking care of us. One talked about the courses, one served and one talked about drinks. A nice experience and totally worth it!

After that we went to a really small Jazz club on St. Peter St. Jazz isn’t my type of music but I’m glad I went. I think you have to go to a Jazz club if you are in New Orleans. The band we saw playing was Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

The last stop of the evening was at a bar. One of millions on Bourbon St. You got 3 drinks for 1, it sounded too good to be true and it was. A redbull/vodka cost $36 and P2 $24. But the drinks were HUGE! So 9 bucks for a  big-ass drink was really nice anyway.

Got to bed around 2am.



This morning was really crazy. Check out at 11am and before that we had to pack up all of our stuff and eat breakfast. We went to IHOP again and I was prepared to have the oatmeal again, but they were out so I tried the crepes instead. Really good too!

After check out all the Swedish except for Alex and Lovisa went to Garden District. The houses were big and we walked around there for a bit. It was nice, but my calves started to hurt and now I’m afraid that they will hurt tomorrow too… Stupid calves!

The houses were really big and looked old and very special. Some of them looked like the mansions in True Blood but most were thin and long. Wonder how the rooms were placed inside.

After a while we noticed some changes in the houses. They weren’t so big anymore and they looked like they were falling apart. We got to the real burbs of New Orleans. It looked sad. I’m glad my burbs in San Diego is the way it is, big and rich :).

After that it was time to go to Houston. I got in the car with the other ones because of our different departure times. We have difficulty communicating with the ones who came from Sweden this week so I’m not sure I will meet them more on this trip. They are not coming to NASA space center tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens after.

The drive here was five hours and we made some stops on the way. When we got here, me and Hanna went out looking for food. It’s crazy how hungry I am all the time… We tried Church’s Chicken and it was spicy, but yummy.

Now it’s really time for me to go to bed, it’s 2am and I have to get up in 6 hours…

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