Spring break 1

Three days of this spring break is already over. The days go by so fast! I thought that everything Hanna told me we would do, we would do this week in New Orleans and Houston. But I found out today that they are gonna do all that fun stuff in California when I have to get back to work. And that sucks so much. I won’t get the typical spring break but I get a week of vacation in the south.

The pictures from this week will be posted when I get back to San Diego on Sunday, can’t transfer them to the computer right now.


THE AIRPORT (Monday March 25th)

That day was really boring… I had to check out of the hotel room at 1pm which meant that I was at the Houston airport soon after. I got news from the Swedishs that their flight was delayed with about 1,5h which was reallys ad to hear. Two hours alone at the airport is managable, but almost four! I sat down, picked up my eReader and started reading. I continued on A Dance with Dragons on it, because the book was too big to bring. It was pretty okay to sit there, watching people arrive and at the same time read. The book is awesome and now I’m almost halfway though the 1100 pages thick book. Four hours at the airport wasn’t enough, because they had to go through all the security. In total I sat there for five hours.

When Martina, Malin, Jens and Henke finally arrived they looked really tired. We went to the car rental place a once but we had some troubles finding a car because our cards didn’t work. You had to have a real credit card to be able to rent a car. And in most of them you had to be over 25 which only two of us were. But after a while we found a minivan for a reasonable price.

We had dinner at McDonalds and at 10pm we were on our way to New Orleans. It was a five hour drive! I was prepared to drive, but since I’m only 21 I couldn’t drive. But that meant that I had to be the awake passenger the whole way. I was so tired! Fortunately I had my bag of swedish candy that kept me awake!

At 3:30 am we were in our hotel room in New Orleans. Five people in a room for four. But it works really well. We built a bed out of a lot of pillows.


ALLIGATORS (Tuesday March 26th)

The day after everyone except me and Martina went to a civil war museum at 10am. It was way too early for us, so we slept until 10 and then had brunch at IHOP. It’s so good! After that we went for a walk along Canal Street. Not much but I think it’s the biggest street here in French Quarters.

At 3pm we were out in a swamp by the Mississippi river. $25 for a two hour tour on the river with a guide. We saw three alligators. The first one was the biggest one, 13 feet. It was lying in the sun, very still… The next one was a very tiny one, about 2 feet. And the third about 6 feet. All of them were really still so I hope they weren’t stuffed or made of plastic! The guide was really nice though and told us a lot about the animals and many other things as well. For example he told us about the big hurricane some years ago. The houses here in Luisiana are built on pillars. I have no idea why and he didn’t tell us. But he said that after the hurricane one of the houses next to the river, where the pillars were about 3 metres high, had 4 feet of water inside the house!! That’s crazy. I can’t say that I’ve seen damages after the hurricane here because I don’t know what it looked like before. But it must have been really bad if the water was that high.

After the alligator tour we went to a beach by the Mexican Gulf. In Mississippi! The beach was really nice but it was so cold yesterday! I thought it was gonna be like in Cali but it’s way colder! I regret that I didn’t bringa ny jeans…

For dinner we went to Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve started to collect glasses, had a hurricane drink with my local legend burger with shrimps on it. I was really dissapointed in the burger because there were only two shrimps. I should have had the California burger with guacamole and ranch dressing on it… But now I have two glasses, Hollywood and New Orleans! Kinda fun (or something) that it says ”Hard Rock Cafe, Hurricane, New Orleans” on the glass.

After dinner we went back to our room talking for a while before we fell asleep.


NEW ORLEANS (Wednesday March 27th)

Today was a really nice day. The temperature was higher which meant that we could walk around in tank tops. It is very windy but it’s going in the right direction and I’ve heard that tomorrow is gonna be really warm! Maybe a day at the beach :).

Up at 9am and braeakfast at IHOP again, but this time something more healthier than scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown, oatmeal. It was really good. But I had pancakes for dessert… Tomorrow I’m just gonna have oatmeal!

After our breakfast that took ages we went out in New Orleans to see the town. We got some ideas from a tourist information store, kinda hard to know what to do when you’re a tourist. So first we went to St. Louis Cemetery. It’s famous but I have no idea why. So when I get back to Carlsbad on Sunday I have to google it. The Internet at this hotel is so bad you can’t even connect to it.

Then we went to the river where the French Market were. It was okay to walk around there, but nothing extraordinary. We tried gator on a stick and beignets (French doughnuts). It was fried dough with A LOT of powder sugar. We ate them outside and watched a street show. It was really nice, four guys dancing, doing tricks and talking funny in between.

Back to the hotel. I took a shower, the other guys worked out in the gym. Soon we are going out to eat seafood. Apparently New Orleans is famous for its seafood. I’m starting to get hungry and I love seafood so this night will be awesome!

2013-03-27 18:12

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