Two months

I’ve already been here for two months. It’s crazy! How can time just fly by so fast? I don’t feel that I’ve done anything special since I got here but when I think about it… I’ve been in New York, seen In Flames, been to LA twice, met a celebrity, been to San Diego many times, watched beautiful sunsets in southern California, worn a bikini in February, seen a lot of exotic animals, tried a lot of American things, shopped and more is coming! This time in two days I will see Swedish House Mafia in LA! On spring break I’m going to Texas for a week and on April 22nd I will go to IKEA and eat easter food. This year will be over in no time at all.

Today I did the usual things with breakfast, homework with the boy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, lunch, work out and a nice long shower. It went a little chaos though when the girl asked me if she could go home with a friend on a hang-out-date. So I took the boy home, we played for a little while until he was supposed to go to a birthday party with his mom. She couldn’t make it so I had to take him to a place in San Marcos. It was a place with inflatable bouncy castles. I had to stay with the girl because I picked her up right before.

When the mum came and took over we went home and watched a little of How To Train Your Dragon and then we had enchiladas for dinner with the dad. It went okay actually. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal for him…

After dinner I continued studying for my test tomorrow. I’ve probably studied too much, but rather safe than sorry! Wish me luck!

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