Fish pudding

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I spent two hours in the kitchen cooking dinner today. I set the table very pretty with napkins folded like stars. Yes, I tried to be extra nice today because two days ago everything around here changed. My host dad came up to me and gave me a very long lecture about how I am as a person. I was so surprised I wasn’t able to say anything in my defense to all the horrible things he said about me. I don’t want to write about specifics here, but I got really reallys ad and now the whole situation is super uncomfortable. I love the kids so I really don’t want to go in to a rematch or go home to Sweden, but I wish I could have some time off and go back to my normal life in Sweden for a short amount of time.

Anyway, two hours in the kitchen, making fish pudding, my favourite dish back home! I didn’t want to tell the kids what I was cooking because I thought I would get the same reaction I gave my mum many years ago when she told me we had fish pudding for dinner, disgust. I told them anyway and, yeah, it was not a positiv reaction. The girl was a little bit curious though. Sometimes she acts so much more mature and I love that. Unlike the boy that faked a gag when I told him…

After dinner they both said it was really good! Awesome! The parents liked it too.

Today I didn’t go to the gym and it was kinda nice. Instead I went to European Wax Center again. I really love to spoil myself, especially when I’m not feeling so well. And afterward I went to Extreme Frozen Yoghurt and bought 10oz of delicousness! The girl was on a hang-out-date (she doesn’t like it when I say playdate, obviously, she is ten ;)) so no Starbucks this week either.

In the afternoon me and the boy watched documentaries about dinosaurs and then I had to start with dinner.

Now I’m gonna continue to study for my driver license test and then try to sleep…

Peacock party Peacock party Peacock party Peacock party Peacock party Peacock party I walked the boy to a friend for a playdate before lunch and one of the houses were overrun by peacocks! I think we counted them to 22. Peacock party!!

Dinner table

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