Some days are better than other

It was a very tough day today. I know that he is only six years old, bu the says so many hurtful things. And the way he is acting when he doesn’t get his will through… It’s hard and today was the first day I was seriously wondering what I am doing here…  I don’t want to go home to Sweden, but I don’t want to spend so many hours every day with an energy thief. And it gets worse… I try to be in a good mood because I know that he is only six and stubborn as hell. But today I just couldn’t handle it! I got reallys ad when I tried to explain to him how all of this feels to me, leaving my home and comfort for him and his sister, leaving friends and family so I could get some new experiences. But of course he doesn’t understand. The girl followed me downstairs and started crying and said that she didn’t want me to leave them.

I won’t, but I have to talk about this with the parents because this can’t go on any longer.

The evening was better though. The boy had ”forgotten” about earlier and we had a nice pillow fight. When he said goodnight he gave me extra many hugs and was so adorable. Why isn’t he always like that?

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