President’s Holiday

No school for the kids today meant long day of work for me. But it was a really nice day! I had the morning alone with the boy since the girl was at a friends house doing an invention thing for school. And we played Wii, doing a little homework, eat warm sandwiches and had a fun time together, not like the other mornings. I loved it! In the middle of lunch the girl came home and we continued playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii. It’s a little different doing it with a ten,- and six-year old instead of the good old days… But I still love the game. And I actually think I will start my own game and try to complete it all with 3 big coins. I’m seriously thinking (again!) about buying a Wii of my own when I get back to Sweden and buy all of the Super Mario games. Those are the ones I love the most!

We also watched a movie in the afternoon called Mirror Mirror. Didn’t see much of it because I was so tired after just three hours of sleep last night. My shoulder decided to hurt like hell so I was writhering in pain all night. I hate when that happens with different body parts…

I didn’t had dinner with the family today, I went to IHOP with Lizzie and Jenny instead. Lizzie told me all about why she is going home soon and I feel so sorry for her. Being accused of stealing from the LCC? I have a hard time believing that our LCC is like this horrible person Lizzie describes her as, because she is really sweet to me. But I still feel very sorry for her. She went here four months ago with dreams of experiencing a lot of new things and having the year of her life.  I wish all au pairs could have it as good as I have it! I love my new life here! (And I will love it more when I don’t have to wear a hoodie and jeans everyday)

We had a really nice evening together and I tried to teach them some Swedish. They think Swedish is awesome and love when I speak it. But I don’t understand why everyone who doesn’t have Swedish as their native language have such a difficulty with pronunciation, haha! It’s fun though and they could say ”Hi! My name is ….. and I am twentyseven/twentyfive years old!” (Hej! Jag heter …. Och jag är tjugosju/tjugofem år!) pretty good at the end of our evening.

I’m gonna miss them both (Jenny is going home to Colombia in about two weeks too because of bad conditions in her host home). But I will see Lizzie at least one more time before she goes home, to say goodbye. It’s too bad when I just started to get to know them…

And now it’s time for me to say goodnight!

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