Swedish House Mafia

Today’s big thing was that I bought a ticket to Swedish House Mafia in LA on March 9th! $200, but I think it’s gonna be worth it! A Swedish au pair who arrived here with me and who’s living in San Fransisco is going and we are gonna meet there. I also think three Swedish au pairs from here are gonna go with me. It’s going to be amazing!!

It feels like I’m throwing money all around me. But I mean, you can’t do these things in Sweden and I am here to experience things so I think it’s okay! As long as I get to see Hawaii and Florida, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and everything here in California; like Six Flags, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego Zoo, Sea World and perhaps Disneyland. This is really going to be an eventful year! I really hope I can get a job when I get home, I have a feeling that I will be kinda broke…

I didn’t meet with the new au pair today, her H-parents asked her if she could work in the very last minute. So I went to the gym and when I got home I took my book and sat in the garden and read for one and a half hour. It was really warm today, about 80 F!

After that I didn’t do much, sat by the computer and cleaned my desk which has already become full of stuff. At 6pm my H-parents went to the movies to see the new Die Hard movie. So I had to work tonight, but I didn’t mind. We had a very nice evening together with fish tacos from Rubios and Despicable Me. I had to put hem to bed but that was no problem at all.

And now I’m gonna put myself to bed! Good night!

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