UCSD Extension

I enrolled at University of California San Diego Extension today! On April 3rd and every Wednesday for the next nine weeks I will be taking a class called Advanced Pronunciation & Fluency. I hope that will take away my Swedish accent. Oh, this is so exciting! The best part is that I don’t have to pay the $300 fee, because my H-parents will give me $500 for studies this year! Unfortunately my next course will cost about $400 and I have to pay the extra 200… But on the other hand, I learned today that I probably will be credited for that course at Chalmers next year. 3 credits is approximately 80 hours of work, including 27 inclass hours. I hope that equals to a 7,5hp course in Sweden! I won’t get answers from Chalmers until next week. But I’m crossing my fingers! It would be so awesome if I could skip the Environment and Sustainable Development course! I’ve heard it’s a pain in the butt…

It was President’s Holiday today so the kids were home from school. Or at least the boy, the girl was at play practice almost all day. As usual the boy tested me almost all day. He has two personalities, one before lunch and one after. I love the one after lunch when he is all cuddly and can’t stop telling me how much he loves me. But before he is just a stubborn six year old who really gets on my nerves. I don’t know what to do, but he refuses to listen to me and tells me I’m not his mum and can’t tell him what to do. And when I try to explain what I’m doing here he just doesn’t listen. It’s a good thing he changes in the afternoon!

The moon tonight was amazing! So big and high in the sky, like a big smiley mouth. A little cloudy too, so beautiful! I don’t understand the moon though. Two days ago it was barely across the rooftops at 8pm, yesterday I didn’t see it at all and today it was really high in the sky. Weird, but oh so pretty! When I went out to buy some ice cream for myself I stopped by the side of the road and just watched the moon. It’s beautiful in Sweden too, but you can see it clearer here since there are no city lights at night!

Now I’m gonna go to bed and watch The Avengers. Tomorrow I’m gonna work out (I just haven’t had any time this week and it feels horrible) and then meet a new au pair who arrived just a week ago!

Over and out!

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