Wednesday means Starbucks with the kids after school. The weather today was really bad, only about 70F and you couldn’t even see the sun. So I took a warm coffee drink instead of a frappuccino. The kids were freezing while drinking theirs and cuddled up in my lap. Both of them at the same time! They are so cute!

After Starbucks we went to Stater Bros because I needed some ingredients for my cooking today. Wednesdays also means that I have to cook dinner. So I decided to try Flying Jakob (chicken, banana, cashew nuts in chili sauce with rice) and needed the nuts and chili sauce. I also bought gum and some hair conditioner. The smallest bottle was far bigger than the normal size in Sweden! I like walking around in American grocery stores, they have so much stuff! The candy section is not nice. I tried really hard not to buy anything and I actually suceeded. But I don’t know about the next time… Maybe I’ll just bring the kids with me everytime, I’m trying to be a good rolemodel for them!

The dinner was a disaster/success. The parents loved it (though it weren’t as good as when I do it in Sweden with my ingredients), and the kids kinda sort of hated it… But the dad just praised me and said that I should continue giving them good, Swedish food and that I don’t have to care what the kids think.

In the afternoon today I was planning on taking a long nap. But that didn’t happen. I skyped with friends, did some laundry and emailed with UCSD. I forwarded it to Chalmers and now I’m crossing my fingers that any of the courses they suggested is similiar to the ones I will study at Chalmers next year!

This evening my LCC came over and checked that everything was okay. It was!

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym with Lizzie. I don’t have the energy to come up with a program now, so I’m just gonna do what I feel like tomorrow. My serious training will start next week!

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