I saw a lot of clouds today, that was a first! It was still warm so t-shirt; nemas problemas! And it was the perfect weather for a run. In my free afternoon I changed into my work out clothes, plugged in the mp3 and started. I’ve never ran before, so I took it really easy. 3km in half an hour. Because of my hurting-like-ass calves I had to stop twice to stretch. But I’m not gonna give up. From now on I am going to be serious about getting this problem out of the world, so stretching every night and don’t stop running!

After I decided to do some strength exercises in my room. I feel so bad about yesterday and all that unhealthy things… I still feel bad, and if it weren’t for my short freetime tomorrow (the children’s school ends one hour earlier on Wednesdays) I definitely would have gone to the gym!

The kids were both really sweet today. Yesterday they were really grumpy and I had stomach ache from hell and it was a rough day… So I was really glad that the kids behaved today. T. who is older  (10) doesn’t want to give me many hugs in front of her friends when I drop here off at school. But A. (6) hugs me all the time and keep saying ”I love you more than you love me, and that is more than everything in the world combined!” T. is more like that at home! Both are really sweet and I am so glad that I got the oppurtunity to get to live with this family for a year!

Peanutbutter and jelly More unhealthy stuff, that wasn’t even that good… Peanutbutter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

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