LA Fitness

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

After just two days of work I already feel comfortable. I have started to recognize a lot of roads and intersections. And I actually think I know how to find the way to my house from the highway! This day looked nothing like yesterday. There were som fuss this morning and we almost got the kids late for school. Before noon was all about watching Star  Wars Lego videos on youtube mixed with reading exercises.

After we dropped of A. at kindergarten we three went to Frog’s Fitness to end Malins membership. I really had to get a gym membership, but before I decided to go to Frog’s we went to LA Fitness just down the road. It was much bigger, everything was brand new and they had a lot of classes. I got a tour and just that day, they had a membership thingy day so I got a huge discount on my membership I signed up for. So instead of $54 per month I got $35. And at Frog’s Fitness it costed $40. LA Fitness is bigger and newer, they have a pool and jacuzzi. I am very glad that I stopped by today! Think I’m gonna go there on Saturday and get my one hour of personal training!

After school I played with Lego upstairs and at 4:45 pm I learned how to get to dance class and now I can drive there too.

After my work day was done I went to Encinitas with Malin and Ida where Ida bought some new suitcases. After that we went to Malin’s favourite café on E Street. It was really nice, felt like a real American café with open mic night, strangers coming up to you talking. And the panini there was so delicous. But I am very dissapointed in the Chai Latte I had. Back in Sweden and Espresso House it is creamy, this was not at all. But it was really nice to sit there, talk about anything (because no one could understand us!) and watch everyone playing and singing on the mini stage.

Oh, btw, the moon is upside down here! Instead of a comma sign it is a smiley mouth. It’s really cool!

Tomorrow is Malin’s last day in the family and after that I am going to be all by myself with the kids. I am ready, but it’s going to be weird to be alone. But I’m sure they will have a blast in Hawaii before going back to Sweden!

E Street CafeE Street Cafe.

E Street Cafe

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