First day at work

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

My first dag as an au pair is done and I love it! I am so glad that I have another au pairs help half this week. I can’t imagine how nervous I would be if I were to take care of everything right away. So now I am just following Malin around, helping of course, and learning a lot. I have had so many questions since I got here three days ago so now I feel like I almost could have some things under control. For example I now know how to drive the kids to school and then pick them up. Three right turns when driving them to school and three left turns when picking them up.

One of my host children are in fifth grade so she is in school all day. The younger one is only in kindergarten and half a day.  So him I have to entertain until noon when I have to drive him to kindergarten. After that I have like three hours of free time when I can do whatever I want. Now in the beginning I think I’m going to drive around a lot. I have to get myself oriented in this town. The thing about Carlsbad (and all of the lands between San Diego and Los Angeles) is that every smalltown is spread out. So even though there aren’t many people living there, the town is really big. And for me everything looks the same. Fortunately I have a GPS, and I think that is gonna be my best friend these next three months or so.

In my freetime I ate my leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory and then I went up to my temporary room and took a nap. As I’ve sad before, I don’t have jetlag, because I sleep the whole night through, but I am really tired. Brain overload! It will be better when everything isn’t new anymore.

At three o’clock we picked the kids up at school. There was an unplanned playdate and I helped out with homeworks. Then Bill, my host dad, came home, made som dinner and then I played Monkey in the Middle with the children and Bill in the living room. It’s when you throw a big ball to eachother and the one in the middle are trying to catch it.It feels like they like me already and that is easing.

This year will be so amazing! And now it will be great to have many hours of undisturbed sleep… Goodnight!

Palm trees in the backyard Palm trees in the backyard.

View from the backyard And this is the view from the backyard. Down there in the “ditch” there are coyotes, rattlesnakes, racoons and more kinds of animals.

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