Chapter milestones

This post is meant to shine a small light on the nerdy side in me (I have to start small, there will be more). I’ve always been very organized and structured as a person, which is probably why I am now working as a project manager. I’ve both read and heard about different authors writing processes and they all vary greatly. Some just write without knowing where they are heading. Some have everything figured out from the start and some are in between. I’m the person in between. I know where I’m heading, I have my place for notes and thoughts (that’s another post coming), but I only have eight major milestones and the details in between just come to me. Literally whenever and wherever. I don’t have a say in it, AT ALL!

To the point. I’m nerdy because I love statistics. I write down every workout I do so I can get a pretty pie chart where I can see if I’m heading in the direction that is aligned with my goal. I am doing kind of the same with my book. From day one, I’ve kept track of when I’ve finished writing a chapter and how long they are.

The first summer, 2017, I wrote a lot and had eight chapters written within the first three months. Then I went to the Book Fair and got a professional analysis of my first chapter and got so inspired that I, for the 15 months, rewrote the first five chapters, turned them into six chapters, and tripled the amount of words. The difference in quality was insane! But after that I decided that I would save any rewriting until I was done with the first draft. So, since December 2018 I’ve been on track again and written approximately one chapter per month. I actually wrote 12 chapters in 2019. So far in 2020, I’ve finished two chapters and it’s not even the end of the first month. That’s boding well. My new and realistic goal is to be finished with the first draft on my birthday in April. That’s definitely doable.

Chapter Twenty-Five was finished this morning on the tram, at 6am on my way to the gym. I think I will get a total of thirty chapters when I’m done. As was what I said from the very beginning. I’m pretty impressed by my early estimations, 30 chapters and 100 000 words. I have 79 000 words and 25 chapters right now.

I will most likely summarize everything I can about this book when I’m done. That will be a nerdy post (If I am not too embarassed to post it, haha!)

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