The end of decade

In three days, we will be going into a new decade, the twenties. It’s already been twenty years of this millenium, how crazy isn’t that? I am very excited for the new year to be honest. I don’t have anything extraordinary planned, a few trips here and there perhaps. It will be my last year in my twenties, 2021 I will be thirty, can you imagine? Nope, me neither. The main reason I think that next year will be interesting is because I believe that I will be reaching a huge milestone in my side career as an author. I strongly believe that in the first half of next year, I will be done with the first draft of my first book. That’s the easy part of writing a book, if I had to guess. Then comes the second draft ,and the third, and fourth and maybe sixth and ninth. No, I don’t think it will take that long, although I really do want to make this a great debut. I know myself well enough to know that I will be working on it. A lot (!) before I am ready to publish. At the same time I’m very eager to get it out there as well.

The Book Fair this year helped me a lot and I am no longer afraid of finishing the first draft, but it will be a completely different journey. I have as of today written 75k words. My goal is 100k. Not sure I will reach it because I only have one more place to visit (out of four in the whole book) and I am not sure that I can write 25k words about that place. Or maybe I will, hard to tell yet. But I am really excited to write the plot twist that I have planned for the very last chapter of this book.

I know that I have been really bad when it comes to blogging lately. My intentions were to write about my progress and my thoughts about this whole writing-a-book-thing. I am therefore going to be as stupid as to make it a new year’s resolution to update my blog more frequently about what it’s like to be an aspiring author with a full time job and time-consuming hobbies. Also to reach out to people and future readers. I don’t know if I will self publish or find a publisher, but either way, I need to spread the word. If you don’t already, you can also follow my Facebook page. I’ve been more active there than on this blog up until now.


Let’s start now though. I don’t think I have ever posted anything about the title of this book that’s about 75% done now. The series is called Legend of Enunta and will consist of a duology and a stand-alone prequel. The first title is Across the Divide and will be concluded in Toward the Divide. The prequel does not yet have a name.


Happy New Year’s and may you all stay true to your resolutions!
(this very, very much include me!)


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