In August 2007 we ended up with a friend to Stuff, the extremely charming Chip. Like a chocolate chip because he was so dark brown. I do remember calling him a squirrel/terrorist/vampire/something else which I can’t remember now (maybe teddybear?). His tail was the bushiest I had ever seen, his teeth were big and showing and kind of scary looking sometimes, and he was an energetic kitten and always up to no good. He would always try to scratch my feet under the cover while in bed and I woke up so many times with long scratch marks under my feet. He calmed down though and became this huge, fluffy, tolerant and hugable pillow. He got big, 8kg, but still he was always my small Chip (lilla Chip). I remember we playing fetch when he was young. I remember him sleeping in my bed almost every single night. I remember not being able to play beach volleyball for a week because he gave me scratch marks on my foot sole the size of my entire foot one night. I remember him climbing up on my shoulders from the ground so many mornings because he wanted the ham I put on my sandwhiches. I remember him pulling down my sweatpants every morning for several months after that when he got too big to climb up on me. I remember him being super scared of birds and even insects. I remember mom telling me that he spent every day in my room after I left for San Diego, but after a couple of weeks of me being away, barely set his foot in there. I remember him being my tolerant subject of hugging during a rough breakup. And now I will also remember the candles the veterinarians put in the room where we got to say goodbye to him.

Even though Stuff will always be my first cat, Chip was the unusual cat who was always there. Stuff is a typical cat: “sure, pet me, but only under my conditions!” and she kind of always was her own persona; a cool cat. Chip was the opposite, enjoyed attention and always wanted to be close (not on you, but as close you could get, I guess it got too warm for him with all that fluff), and always stayed if you needed comfort from him. He was so charming, and so clumsy, he talked a lot, and followed you around everywhere. He was the perfect, fluffy, and caring cat!

I can’t believe that I will never lift him up again and compare him to weight-lifting equipment. I can’t believe he will never again come and greet me whenever I visit mom. I can’t believe he is gone…

I try to find comfort in that he was just diagnosed with diabetes and would have to live the rest of his life getting injections twice every day and also regular blood tests. At least he doesn’t have to go through that. And hopefully, wherever he is now, he is cured of all the things that troubled him. I am sure he will charm the pants off of everyone! He literally did that with me on several occasions. I am going to miss him so much!

Min lilla, älskade och underbara Chip! ❤



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