Valentine’s Day 2017

img_20170214_215039Valentine’s Day came and went this year again. My thesis partner was nice and told me to stay home and enjoy it with my boyfriend, so that’s what I did. We had breakfast in town, we bought a bag of red candies and he spent some time with his dad so I could do a little bit of work at home. When he came home he brought me roses. He is so sweet, I love roses, they smell soo good and they are pretty. The cats liked them too so they can’t be on the table unfortunately, but they are pretty high up on the shelf above the TV.


The big plan for the evening was dinner at Fiskekrogen, a seafood restaurant in downtown. I am not an expert on restaurants in Gothenburg (more like the opposite since I rarely eat out), but I have got the idea that it is one of the finer restaurants in Gothenburg. The atmosphere was so romantic, the food was delicious and the service amazing. The price accordingly as well. But it was worth it, we had a night of luxury and shellfish buffet. I felt spoiled. We ordered a bottle of sparkling wine which was delicious, Billabong Wines, an australian non-alcoholic. I know what I want the next time I am celebrating something.

When we got home, we ate red candies and watched Deadpool. We saw it in the movies last year. Maybe this is a new tradition? It is a very funny movie, but at the same time very sad.

It was a nice Valentine’s and I am glad I had Jesper to spend it with! ❤


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