A couple of days in Sala

It was a while ago now that I visited my grandparents in Sala (middle of Sweden). Dad, Karin, Jesper and I drove up there on Thursday and spent two nights and came back tonight. On Thursday it was extremely cold everywhere and when we arrived at 8pm it was -19°C (-2 °F). That was cold, it hurt in my nose when I breathed. The cold was still there the day after, so when we went for a walk around the lake it was -12 and the wind made it even chillier. It was not fun! The lake, Långforsen, was frozen over and people went skiing on it. With the snow it was pretty though.

We also took the car to show Jesper what was worth showing in the small town of Sala. The silver mine, obviously. A little bit of downtown, but that is it, nothing else up there, haha! I think Jesper wants to go there in the summer to go down in the silver mine. I kinda want too, it was so many years ago I was there.

The day ended with a good dinner, a burning fire in the living room and some time spent in their sauna.

img_20170106_132806 img_20170106_145601 img_20170106_145929 img_20170106_145947 img_20170106_150608 img_20170106_150834 img_20170106_151111 img_20170106_151122 img_20170106_151353 img_20170106_151707 img_20170106_152748 img_20170106_182435img_20170106_213016


Today was much warmer, only -2 °C. The sky was blue and the walk around the lake was so much nicer today. I was only cold after a while, and that was only my hands after taking too many pictures. So here are basically the same pictures as above, but with a blue sky in the background.

img_20170107_122425 img_20170107_123435 img_20170107_123446 img_20170107_125208 img_20170107_123525 img_20170107_123544 img_20170107_123959 img_20170107_124255 img_20170107_124325 img_20170107_125712  Jesper, me, dad, and grandpa.img_20170107_131835 img_20170107_125855 img_20170107_130255 img_20170107_130524 img_20170107_131541 pano_20170107_125421 img_20170107_153003 On the way home it was extremely foggy, sometimes it was impossible to see the road ahead. While the sun was setting it was sooooo pretty!

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