Book review copies

The main reason why I am writing book reviews now, are because of my friend Elin (tickmicks bokblog) whom I know from Liseberg. She is as crazy as I am about books. Okay, she is probably more crazy honestly. But she inspired me and made me realize that I could contribute to the world about the experience and enjoyment I get from reading books. Now in hindsight, I wish I did this a long time ago. I have had this blog for almost four years now and I have read tons of books since then. They were a big part of my life in California and on my travels and have made me associate make books with great memories.

Anyway, Elin and I talk every now and then about books and she keeps telling me that she gets recex, which is short for recensionsexemplar, which I guess translates to review copy (=revco?). It basically means that you get books for free to write reviews on them. I decided to try this out for myself since I am actually writing reviews now. So I contacted a publisher a few days ago, and today I got it emails with links to download .epubs of the whole “Stjärnklart”-series. Unfortunately for you who don’t speak/understand Swedish: the books are in Swedish and there are no translations yet, that I know of. But if you like the review (which will be up in about a couple of weeks I guess, or sooner depending on how awesome it is) and think that the books sounds interesting, I am sure they will be translated soon enough, they are a huge success in the postapocalyptic dystopia category here in Sweden right now.

I am at the point in my blogging that I can ask publishers for review copies, but I am still waiting for authors to contact me. But on the other hand, this way I can ask for books that I really want to read, so it’s not too bad. I think I will go and lie on the couch now and start reading Stjärnklart (or should I continue with Resan till Ljuset?).



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