Review of “Quidditch Through the Ages” by J. K. Rowling

hogwarts-library-02-quidditch-through-the-ages-j-k-rowlingTitle: Quidditch Through the Ages
Author: J. K. Rowling
Series: Hogwarts Library #2
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 64
Published: 2001, Bloomsbury
My Grade: 3.5 out of 5 snitches


Did you know that: there are 700 ways of committing a foul in Quidditch? The game first began to evolve on Queerditch Marsh – What Bumphing is? That Puddlemere United is oldest team in the Britain and Ireland league (founded 1163). All this information and much more could be yours once you have read this book: this is all you could ever need to know about the history, the rules – and the breaking of the rules – of the noble wizarding sport of Quidditch.



I have to say that after reading the original Harry Potter series and watching the movies, I felt that I had a decent idea of what this game called Quidditch was about. And I was a bit confused when reading this since I read the other books in Swedish and all the stuff had different names so I had to think for a bit to try to translate so it would be easier to understand. It was great to read about the history of Quidditch and how it developed into the game that all of us Harry Potter fans are used to from the books and movies.

It was an easy read that lasted about an hour. I am surprised that I didn’t read this one sooner since I have been a Harry Potter fan since the first book came out so many many years ago. But now I finally did it and feel more confident on how the game works. I will give this book a 3.5 out of 5, like all the other short stories from J. K. Rowling where she explains stuff that wasn’t included in the books. For the big Harry Potter fan, you probably have already read it, and if not, you should read it. For the non-fans, it wouldn’t really make any sense in reading it honestly.

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