First day back at Liseberg

First day at work was easy, but I am very tired anyway. Good thing I only had a 6-hour day with two hours of self-education on the attractions. I started at 4pm, spent the whole day before then on the balcony in the sun. The sky was spotless today, not a single cloud and it was warm and awesome. That’s how the Swedish summer should be!

First at work I had 90 minutes of self-education, which means that I walked around to the different  attractions up on Berget and try to remember how to operate them. It was so chill and everything came back very fast. Then an hour lunch and another 30 minutes of relearning. Then my day started for real. One hour at Lisebergshjulet, where there were no people and with the sun it was awesome. Then half an hour break, and then only two more hours on the day. One hour at Höjdskräcken, and the last one at Helix. I don’t understand why there weren’t any people in the park today. But it was nice. At Höjdskräcken were periods of time when no one was there so I just sat there and rolled my thumbs. Not as boring as it sounds, haha.

The day was over very quickly, and not even dark when I got out of work at 11pm. Not cold either. I love Sweden!

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