One Direction @ Ullevi

Only a few hours after I landed on Sunday I got a phone call from my uncle. He put my youngest cousin on and we talked for a bit, then she asked me if I wanted to join her and her dad to go to the One Direction concert in Gothenburg two days later. They are not my favorite band, but concerts are always fun, they have some good songs, and it would have been great to see Malin again. So I didn’t hesitate, I said yes right away! The plan was for her dad to come too, but then they found a friend of Malin, but she decided she didn’t want to the same day, and her dad didn’t have the plans in Borås today that he thought, so he didn’t go either. Just me and Malin.

I met up with her downtown, went to Åhlens where I bought nail polish remover and three nail polishes so I can finally try and do the gradient sunset polish that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We then went back to my place, ordered pizza for dinner and hung out for a bit to rest our feet. Mom drove us to Ullevi. We missed the first warm-up The Foo. But we weren’t too sad about it. The second band was McBusted, they were okay.

By that time the clouds were gone, and the promise of rain had gone away. When One Direction came on stage at 9pm the sun was shining, almost a complete blue sky. It made the evening so much better! They played for an hour and a half and I recognized most songs, but there were still lots of them I had never heard before. They played my two favorites, Stockholm Syndrome and Night Changes. They ended the whole thing with Best Song Ever. It was a great concert, and I have to admit that I now have an even bigger crush on Louis. I can only say wow!

During the show they kept saying they loved Sweden and I don’t know why. But I am pretty sure that I have heard them say that before, that Sweden’s their favorite place to perform. They have been here pretty often lately. Harry kept saying he loved köttbullar (meatballs, with a very good accent). They were cute :).

IMG_20150623_194200 IMG_20150623_183459 The Foo.IMG_20150623_205301 IMG_20150623_205412 IMG_20150623_205504 Haha, this girl is too funny. Malin and I called her Antenna Girl!IMG_20150623_210050 Harry is actually not too shabby either now when he let his hair grow out.IMG_20150623_210629 I think 80% of my pictures was of him (Louis)…IMG_20150623_211222 IMG_20150623_211946 IMG_20150623_213545 IMG_20150623_213935 IMG_20150623_214109 IMG_20150623_215058 IMG_20150623_221906 Waterfight between Louis and Liam.IMG_20150623_223547 IMG_20150623_223554 IMG_20150623_230141
Malin and I :).IMG_20150623_223605

After the concert, mom picked us up and I drove Malin and her friend to Kungshamn where they were on a camp for the week. It took 1.5 hours, we got there at 1am, and then I got back home at 2:45am. To keep myself awake while still being jetjlagged and having a cold (I’ve decided that it is a cold since I have a little bit of fever aswell), I listened to music, sang a long, and ate my whole bag of candy I bought yesterday. I do feel a little bit bad, but now on the other hand I got that out of the way and can get start being healthy. I don’t have that urge to eat sweets anymore like I did in California. That is great because I have 10 more pounds to lose.

I went straight to bed, didn’t wake up until noon and spent some time in bed with the cats. And now I am about to head downtown to meet up with Axel, haven’t seen him since November, I am excited! And I will check off another Swedish thing on my list, fika :).

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