Last final of spring quarter

I am done done with all of the work this quarter. Last final done today and I was a bit worried to be honest. We were watching a movie in German (Annie Scholl: Die Letzte Tage) and then discussed it in class afterwards. I am so bad at analyzing movies, but I had one input afterwards and I hope that means I will get an A. I don’t know how this type of final will be graded. The movie was a very sad one and a lot of people were crying, including the teacher. It was intense. After the final was done, I went home and watched the new episode of The Flash. It’s been on a break for the past three weeks and this episode was so full of things happening all the time! The Flash can travel in time? And lots of other stuff, but I am not gonna spoil anything. For dinner we went to Firestone and I was so stoked about that. But they were out of pulled pork so now I feel like I filled up on unnecessary calories and wasted money. Good thing I will maybe walk it off tomorrow morning when we are hiking up the highest peak here in SLO to watch the sunrise. I can’t believe it took me six months to actually do that hike, haha. Since I have to get up at 5am I should probably go to bed now. Or at least try, it’s never quiet here with so many people over.

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