This mono is definitely here, I am so tired all the time. But I still have my sleeping problems which is extremely disturbing. I managed to fall asleep at 11pm last night, without any sleeping pills. But I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep for the next three hours. That sucked big time!

I was in bed most of the day yesterday reading and finally finished Bitterblue, the third and last Graceling book. It was so good, but I feel like there should be a fourth book, it wasn’t really a good ending when everyone left for different places. I had a hard time, like always, deciding what book I wanted to read next. After a long while I decided that I wanted to read the next Lorien Legacies: Lost Files novella, The Fugitive. It is only 100 pages and I should finish it tonight. After that I will read the first novella in the new companion series to The Mortal Instruments. I am so excited for that one. And after that? Hmm, Maybe The 100? These decisions all the time.

Week 9 starts tomorrow. Where did the quarter go? Two full weeks left in school, then spring break! Also, it’s March 1st today! 3.5 months until I am done with school. Scary!

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