Montaña de Oro

Another eventful weekend is over and I can’t really say that I am ready for this week to start. It will be a busy week again, with the Public Transportation project, tests at the Health Center, maybe more hikes and a party.

Today I went on a second hike in Montana de Oro which is a little north of here. The beach area was beautiful, rocky, sandy, and cool cliff formations. A seal was lying there, and we saw one starfish and lots of anemones. I thought it was gonna be cold since it rained this morning, but it was actually pretty nice out there with the sky turning more and more blue. Then we ended up on the Nose Trail hike which was 3.6miles, I was not really prepared for that in my boots and I got a big blister that popped right away. It hurts, but it was worth it, it was a pretty hike! And it felt better to eat the big burger at Sylvester’s afterwards, haha!

I actually didn’t take any pictures, but I will probably go back and take pictures on a more beautiful day.

When I came home I took a long nap, and then I have been chilling. Met the new Swedish guy in the building for the first time which was cool.

Now I think I will head to bed and watch Interstellar. Then up early tomorrow for the B12 tests. Goodnight!

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