Still not 100%

The last two mornings when I woke up I was feeling great, like nothing was wrong. But as the days progressed I got worse and the day ended with me feeling sick again. It is not too bad, but I do feel dizzy and it is hard to focus in class. Especially yesterday afternoon in Public Transportation. It was an interesting class because we had a guest speaker. But he was in Oakland and presented over the computer. Impressive technology. It was not a very interesting subject, but still pretty cool that that is do-able.

My nose is still very congested at times and I am coughing. I don’t even know why! But it feels like something is stuck in my chest and I can’t get it out of there. Annoying like nothing else.

I wrote a list today of what I have coming up and it is actually a long list. And it made me realize that I have two midterms next week. Oops. I did not know that until today! But I am sure it will be fine.

This afternoon I felt better than yesterday so I actually managed to do a lot of things. I started on the Planning assignment where I will answer questions about my hometown. The German homework is done. Prepositions are hard, but this went better than the Perfect Tense. I also finished my part of the San Diego public transit report that’s due on Thursday. A productive afternoon/evening. Now I am thinking of calling it a night. I don’t have to get up early tomorrow or anything, but the bed is calling more than usual tonight.

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