January 4: Stuck in Phoenix

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This day has been the worst. I was so looking forward to come home, but instead I am stuck at Doubletree Hilton hotel in Phoenix for the night. It is kinda comical how much bad luck I’ve had today. Never before has this happened that I missed a connecting flight. But I guess there’s a first for everything.

This morning I was in a good mood, I was ready to go home, I was ready to start school tomorrow. But US Airways had other things in mind for me today. My first flight from Montego Bay to Charlotte, NC went as it should. I was nervous about missing that connecting flight since I had to go through customs and recheck my bag, but it went smoothly and I reached the gate 20 minutes before boarding. But then the flight got delayed again and again and again. When I got to the gate and asked for my boarding pass from Phoenix to SLO I understood that something was wrong. The guys back there were on their walkie talkies all the time and something was clearly wrong. We then found out that they had some serious maintenance problems and we had to change plane. So we all ran to gate D7 (we were at B something). Boarding was supposed to happen within 20 minutes. They said. That would have made the plane takeoff an hour later than originally planned. BUT, then there were problems with this one too. First the people on it had to get off, which took a long time, then the crew had to get on and get ready and our boarding was said to happen at 5:30pm (originally the flight would have taken off at 4:15pm). Still all good, I had two hours in Phoenix. I wasn’t too worried. BUT, then we found out that there was a flat tire and it had to be changed. It took an hour apparently. Okay, I was most probably screwed, I started to realize that the possibility of me spending a night at a hotel in Phoenix was getting bigger by the minute, since the flight from Phoenix to SLO was the last for the night. But they still gave us hope and told us we could board any minute, as soon as the doors opened. BUT they didn’t. It thought it was an international thing. So first we had to wait for a British plane coming in and dropping off the passengers, then the doors could open. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it had something to do with an international flight. This took forever and three hours after original take off time we finally boarded. BUT, it took us an hour more to actually take off. First there was some trouble with baggage not reaching the plane. Nice that they wait, but seriously, WTF?! And then we stood probably 20 minutes on the runway.

We finally took off and the flight wasn’t too bad. Okay, it was pretty bad. The guy next to me smelled real bad, I was tired, upset, sad, angry. Everything at once. I hardly slept and felt awful when we finally arrived after 4.5h flight.

As soon as I landed I started up my phone and I had three voicemails. From US Airways telling me my flight to SLO had been delayed due to previous delays. Could the world really be this nice and try to make up for the stress I went through in Charlotte? NOPE. They said in the first one that it was delayed until 10:43pm (which was five minutes after we landed). I ran as fast as I could to the closest US Airways person with hopes on getting home tonight anyway. BUT no. Apparently it took off at 9:50pm. Which my second voicemail said. STUPID F-ING US AIRWAYS to give false hope like that. I got frustrated and upset again. WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN?? I am already a whole day delayed, I will miss my first day of class.

I went nicely to customer service. I was booked for the 2:50pm flight tomorrow, but when I got there apparently it wasn’t so anymore. It took forever to get me on that flight again. The bad thing about that flight is that it is not the earliest flight, because that is full booked.  I am on standby for that one at 11am though and I am crossing my fingers like a crazy person and hope that I will get a spot. How much bad luck can one person have in 24 hours?! If I get on that one I will have time, not much but still a little bit, and will make it to my classes that starts tomorrow at 2pm. I really hope I will get on the flight at 11. I don’t think I deserve more bad luck. And I don’t wanna spend another day at the airport. I’ve kinda gotten tired of it after this trip. 9 flights in four weeks. And in the past 8 days I’ve stayed in 5 different hotel rooms. I am sick and tired of this now. I want my own bed…

I will go to bed now and hope for everything in the world that tomorrow will be a better day!

2015-01-05, 01:12

Doubletree hotelroom It was a very nice room and the best bed I have slept in in a very long time. Even better than my own bed!Cookie at DoubletreeA cookie at check-in made me feel a little bit better.

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