Hello Jamaica

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I have arrived in Jamaica, been here for about 6 hours and so much have already happened. First I had to spend 6 hours going here, up to Orlando, FL and then back down again. Very unnecessary, but that’s what happened. The immigration at the airport took forever and then I tried to find a cab. While I was looking for a guy I saw someone with a paper and my name on it. Weird, I didn’t order a driver from the airport. But he had all my flight information and the place where I was staying so I tagged along. Just ten minutes later (after realizing that they drive on the left side here!) I was at the hotel. It is a beautiful place up on the hillside. Our room has an amazing view over the ocean and the sunset. The pool is very cute, and the room… yes, it is very very nice!

I was greeted by Michael when I got here, and straight when I had my things in the room we went to dinner at Margaritaville which was right next to the hotel. We watched the sunset from the upperfloor patio. It was a beautiful sunset. Right below, out in the water there are a lot of big floatie things you can play on, like a big trampoline. There are also free flyboarding over there. Where you stand on something and water spurts out at the bottom and you fly. We will probably try that tomorrow, as well as check out the Doc Cave’s beach right here.

Then back to the room and then out to hit a bar. On our way we ran into a guy, he seemed a little sketchy but at first turned out to be okay. That changed later during the evening though. We sat at a bar close by for like an hour, I had a cubalibre and the guys a couple of beer each. The beers Elvis drank we bought for him. Then on our way back he took us through a dark park (where there were a lot of people) and then he asked us for tips for his kids. We just bought him beer!? But we didn’t wanna do anything stupid so we gave him 1000 Jamaican Dollars (I exchanged 300 USD and got 28,000 Jamaican dollars, the bunt of money is huuge!). Damn hustler.

Everywhere we walked today we smelled weed. We saw people right in the middle of the street smoking. A guy asked us straight up if we wanted some hash too. It is definitely different here than any other place I have ever been. But so far I like it. It was around 84F when I got here, during the night it was really nice and warm, nothing else needed than shorts and a tank top (the jeans I packed where kinda unnecessary).

I look forward to our first day tomorrow when we will hang out at the beach, maybe do some souvenir shopping (there are a ton of shops on the “hip strip” right below us. Then we are renting a car in the evening so we can drive east of here the day after tomorrow.

An eventful short day and after today I realized that I will only stay at the “safe” beach of Doc’s Cave. Unless Michael decides to stay more than four days. I don’t really feel safe here if I were to be alone. But the Doc Beach is a safe beach where security guards are, and it is close, so I can go there.

I am excited to start this third and last adventure tomorrow!

Leftside drivers Lots of money! View from our room View from our hotel room.

Hotel roomThe pool VIew from the patioView from the patio.Sunset Sunset in Jamaica. Gecko Gecko.

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