Midterm week #2

It’s that time of the quarter again. Midterm week (which is different for everyone depending on when the teacher schedule the tests, and I still don’t know why it is called midterms when they’re not occurring at the middle of the quarter, but randomly throughout it).

I went to the library at 9:30, studied non-stop until 3pm. Had a cookie for snack, went home at 4:30pm, took a nap, made Swedish lasagnette for dinner and then studied some more.

I’ve been feeling really crappy today, like all feverish. I noticed the other day that I actually brought a thermometer here and I do have a bit fever even after taking ibuprofen. It’s only half a degree too high, but it is still more than I usually have.

I hate that I’ve been sick on and off for the past five or four weeks now. It sucks pretty bad but I don’t know what to do about it. I think my immune system’s not used to this tempo and it can’t keep up. I hope Thanksgiving break will help me get better, otherwise the Caribbean trip will definitely do that.

Now I will go to bed and read Heir of Fire. I only have 100 pages left now. I wonder what I should read after that?!

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