Last day of class for a week

I like the random American holiday’s. Next Tuesday we don’t have any class because of Veteran’s Day. So that means a very long weekend. Which means more time to study for the two midterms coming up on Thursday.

It feels like studying is all I do lately. I really don’t mind, but I feel like a boring person for repeating myself in this blog. But it will get better! This Sat-Sun is my surf trip with Poly Escapes. Next Friday is Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Monday after that I am going skydiving, the next weekend is nothing so far. Then comes Thanksgiving and I think I will go down to LA to be with Kelsey’s aunt and cousin since I don’t have anything else to do (my host family had plans so I have to come down and visit them in the beginning of January instead), or maybe just stay at home alone (I miss spending time with myself). Weekend after that will be all about studying because that next upcoming week (five weeks from now) is finals week! And after my final final is written I will go to the Caribbean. I love having lots of things to look forward to. In there I hope I will be good enough to play beach volleyball and work out at the gym. Maybe do a hike?

Tomorrow morning I will skype with mom, then study some, run some errands with Kelsey, study some more, and then probably go to a frat party with Jungle theme. That will be fun. But I am really super excited about the surf trip!! I can’t wait to use my wetsuit again and see if I miraculously got better at surfing while being in Sweden and away from waves.

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