Farmer’s Market

Three hours of sleep last night again. What’s wrong with me?! But I survived a long day with my three classes, a nap, and a trip to the Farmer’s Market. In the lab we were divided into groups and then had one busy intersection per group and we were gonna count all the pedestrians, bicycles, buses and cars. I counted all the buses and the cars and in the beginning that was crazy.So many cars everywhere and they didn’t go where my paper said they were supposed to go. But I think my numbers are pretty accurate. We sat there for one hour and it was way more fun than sitting in class for three hours.

At 7:30pm I went to Farmer’s Market downtown with Lauren, Kelsey, Julianne and Margarita. We started our evening with going to the ATM to take out money. But my card was declined because of unusual activities. So I called the bank and talked to them for the next 20 minutes and couldn’t buy anything because I didn’t have any cash. They didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t help me in any way. Stupid Bank of America. They told me to go to the bank office and get a temporary card. The card I have works (as far as I know, I haven’t tried to use it in the past few days) in stores and online, but not with ATM’s. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow, I hope it works then. Kelsey was nice and lend me some money so I could buy pomegranate juice and a corn on the cob. I felt better after that.

I am going to bed now, I have a really really long day ahead of me tomorrow. But all fun stuff, it will be a nice day 😀

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