DMV again

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

A long day has finally come to an end. I can’t relax just yet though. Two midterms is coming up tomorrow. And the lab report assignment we got yesterday has to be handed in in the afternoon. I did my part of it this afternoon. Honestly, it only took me 40 minutes to write that one page about the history of the penetration test of bituminous materials. I know I am doing great in that class (the GIS lab we had last Thursday gave me 19/20 points), but it is only a 2 unit class. So I decided to do the lab report half heartedly and then focus on the Transportation midterm tomorrow. That didn’t work out that well either. I spent two hours at the library studying with Johanna and Eric. I got three problems solved and a cheat sheet done. It is so weird that we are allowed to have one page full of equations and notes. The teacher should have written that paper. It feels wrong. I didn’t put much on there actually. I hope it will be enough. I am a bit nervous actually. I haven’t really had time to study much. I put most of my time into Architecture History. That class is 4 units instead of 3. And Arch Hist only has three tests, while Transportation has homeworks and other assignments that contribute to the grade. So it felt more important to try and remember all the 50 or more places. I haven’t done that too well either I guess. I have made a summary of it all and answered almost all of the short essay questions. I hope it will go well aswell. There is not much I can do now at 2am the night before. And it is multiple choice questions. How hard can it be?!

After my study session at the library I went to a house on campus to eat free dinner with Rachel. It was nice, and free stuff is always nice! Right after that I bought a chai latte at Starbucks and went to class. A paper about ecological footprint was due today. That was a very fun assignment, I liked it a lot! We took a test to find out how many Earths we would need if everyone in the world lived like me. (I don’t remember if I wrote about this before, so I will just do it again). I took the test three times, once for my life in Sweden, once for my life in USA, once for an improved version of my life in Sweden. The first test in Sweden showed 1.44 Earths, in USA we would need 4.09 and if I chose to not fly any airplanes and buy mostly organic and locally produced food in Sweden we would need 1.11. It was an interesting assignment and it was easy to get one page. The more I get into this subject, the more I realize that I want to work with environmental issues in the future. Super fascinating. In today’s class we watched a lot of videos and some parts of Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore.

After that I was picked up by Kelsey and Cody so we could go grocery shopping (at 10pm). I bought everything I needed, mostly vegetables, but also ice cream. That was my carrot this evening. I needed motivation and a reward system for studying this late. Shit, I just realized, that from right now I have 3.5 hours of sleep… Good thing I have very good-working energy pills to take in the morning. I can’t wait for tomorrow evening at 6pm when I am done with everything and can take four days completely off (except for the 7am field trip on Saturday morning, but that will be interesting as well, we are going to a waste landfill with Sustainable Environments).

Midterm studyingI am still sick. I’ve had a horrible headache this whole day. I’ve started coughing (I guess the ice cream was a bad idea…) and my throat feels raw. I’m not getting worse though, and that’s the most important thing right now. I don’t wanna be sick this weekend!


This day started with an appointment at the DMV. I had called the DMV office in Sacramento and they told me I didn’t have to retake the tests, but when I get there it turns out that I have to take the written test. The could make an exception and make mes kip the behind the wheel test. I wasn’t prepared at all to do the test. But I took the photo and went to the computer to give it a try. It went awesome. Two minor errors because I didn’t read the question thoroughly. But it doesn’t matter. I passed and within three weeks I will get my real plastic card! Yay! I hope this picture was good, the last one wasn’t with my sunburnt nose. This time I’ve actually stayed away from sunglasses so I wouldn’t get that.

Okay, so 7:40am tomorrow, first midterm of my life. 9am is the second one. Then I will nap until 2pm when I have to meet up with Steven to write on the lab report. Then a lab and then Farmer’s Market and sushi with Julianne! Can’t wait. Wish me luck on the test, I might need it. Or maybe I don’t, people keep telling me that I am smarter than I think.

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