A sore throat

I woke up this morning with a pretty sore throat. It’s been hurting all day, not extremely much but it has definitely been there as soon as mu cup of tea was empty. I did manage to study a lot though. I finished the Transportation Engineering homework at the library and then I summarized the third lecture in Architecture History. I still have three more to do before the midterm on Thursday. But I’m sure I will have time to do all that tomorrow when I will go to the library after class to study with Eric. For some reason I am not as worried anymore. The good thing about midterms is that they are only part of the whole grade, like homeworks and other assignments as well. It would take a lot to get an F here I think.

I feel feverish so I will go to bed now and cross my fingers that I will feel better tomorrow. There will be no TRX tomorrow either… I never get sick, and it happens now, when I am three days away from two midterms…

Goodnight everyone! 8 hours of sleep awaits me!

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