Vacation planning

This Monday has been super lazy. I got out of bed at 11am because something was going on in the apartment. One of my roommates, Lauren had a very bad back muscle spasm and I helped her get through it until herm om came. It looked so painful but there was nothing I could do really, except try to talk to her and make her think of other things than the pain. It went away after a while fortunately. When it did she went to the library to study and then I went back to bed and watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time. It is available first the day after it airs on the TV apparently.

When I got bored I started looking into what I will do on Winter Break. And that’s what I did for the rest of the day. It took me probably 6 hours to plan that 23 day vacation. But now I have it all figured out. I haven’t booked anything yet, I am waiting for people who wants to go with me so we can book together and so. But in a couple of weeks I will book anyway. I want to have it done, I want to have something definite to look forward to. Okay, so on December 12 I will go from San Luis Obispo to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and stay there until December 20. December 20-27 I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico and December 27 – January 4 I will be in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I am more than excited. I want to book it now!!! But I will have to be patient and wait at least one week. I think Julianne (a girl from my WoW-group) wants to come with me to DR and my roommate Kelsey really wants to go with me to Jamaica. I think it will be hard finding someone who wants to go to Puerto Rico over Christmas, but what do I know, there are probably people here in California who doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Let’s hope so.

I spent a little time with Julianne in her room, and then I just hung out with my roommates, who by the way are the best. I love them! ❤

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