Last day of WoW

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

So, yesterday was last day of WoW. It was sad. Even after just a week we all got so close and it is weird not hanging out every hour of every day. I will of course still see them but it will not be the same. We have talked about having reunions every Sunday or something.

The day started with a goodbye ceremony in the Performing Arts Center. People talked about what was amazing with WoW and we watched a movie with pictures from the week. We had a goodbye talk and we took some photos. After that me and Ryan were club buddies and went around campus talking to different clubs and signed up for a few. I signed up for Global Food Tasting, Beach Volleyball, Surfing, Engineers without Borders, Civil Engineers Association, Poly Escapes and probably some more which I don’t remember. Poly Escapes seems awesome, they have bigger trips pretty often during the quarter. I am on the waiting list to a stand up paddling tour in Yosemite Valley and I just signed up for a weekend in Ventura where we will surf and camp on the beach. I am super excited! And I really hope someone from the Yosemite trip will cancel so I might have a chance at getting that spot. Johanna and another guy from Sweden, Marcus, already signed up.

In the afternoon I went home with Johanna and we baked a Swedish mudpie for the international potluck. There were a lot of people there, maybe 40-50. All the Swedish people brought desserts, like carrot cake and chocolate balls. It was a nice evening but we left at 6pm something, it was getting cold. When I got home, super sweaty and tired after the long bikeride up the hills there were free pancakes in the courtyard. I didn’t have any, but I stood in the extremely long line with Ryan and his roommates. After that I took a quick shower and went to hang out with some people Ryan knows out in the middle of nowhere for a couple of hours. It was nice. And since it wasn’t that late when we got back we watched the latest episode of Doctor Who.

Today was a long day too. Classes started today, but not for me. I am off every Monday and Friday this quarter and I only have one class (7-10pm) on Wednesday’s. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s though are pretty full and they look exactly the same, 7:40am – 6pm. I have a big four hour hole in the middle though, which will be perfect for lunch and homework.

Anyway, I had to get up a bit early to go to an international advising appointment. I talked to Susan Tripp, the one I have been in contact with the whole summer, and I got my DS-2019 signed so I can leave the country when I will go to like the Caribbean and Mexico and Canada.

After that I went to the Rec Center (the huuuuuge gym) and got my code so I can go there. You use your code and your hand to go in. Pretty modern and cool. Then I sat at the UU Plaza for an hour, eating a small breakfast and reading for an hour before Johanna was done with spinning class. Then we went textbook shopping. I spent $260 in that store on books, notebooks, folders and a hoodie.

I didn’t have anything to do so I went with Johanna to downtown. I was looking for a pair of sandals and a backpack. I found neither but I did find three belts. The way home was horrible. The two books for Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering and World Architecture History were both very heavy so I walked the bike almost all the way back from Johanna’s where I left my things. At home me and my roommates (Rachel, Kelsey and Lauren) talked about rules we want to have, kinda made like a roommate agreement. Then I was just chilling, our door was open so some people stopped when walking by to talk for a bit. It was nice.

Now it is past midnight and I have to get up at 6am to go to class at 7:40… I am nervous but also very excited to start school again.

GoatsWe had goats outside our living room today. There are lots of animals around here, we also have deers and horses and I think cows maybe?

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