Pizza and candy

My last day in Sweden is over. It ended the same way it started in February, with Swedish candy and pizza. First of all, what happened today was that I moved to mom’s and Felix moved to my place. We drove back and fourth twice and on the way back to mom’s she and I did a little grocery shopping so I could have something on the ridiculously long flight tomorrow. I changed my mind in the last second at ICA Maxi and decided to get a bag of candy anyway. I also bought a few bars and Vaniljgifflar (Swedish tiny cinnamon rolls but with vanilla flavor) and knäckebröd. I will get food on the plane, but I wanna make sure that I don’t have to be hungry.
That would suck…
Pretty much right after that mom drove me to Andrea’s place where I, Andrea and Emma had a cozy girls night with wine and pizza. We hung out for three hours, having a great time and then it was time for the goodbye. I will miss those two, that’s for sure!

On the bus home I listened to Maroon 5’s latest album “V”. It is so amazing. I hope there will be a possibility to charge the phone on the plane so I can listen to music. It is a bit hard to believe that I will be leaving this country again tomorrow. Last time feels like a dream and getting a second chance at moving to California is so small it shouldn’t be possible. It is too good to be true!

I have had a great time in Sweden these last seven months and it will be hard leaving. I am leaving more behind now than I did last time, but on the other hand I will only be gone for ten months instead of thirteen.


This is my company for the night. My beautiful and cuddly Chip! ❤

I am really excited and more than ready to start a new adventure!
Goodbye Gothenburg and Sweden!
Hello San Luis Obispo, California and USA!

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