Liseberg one last time

I had nothing on today’s schedule so I decided to go to Liseberg with my uncle and his girlfriend and two of her kids. We spent all the time in “Kaninlandet” which is the area for small kids. Her kids were one and three years old.  They were really cute and the three year-old started liking me directly. He dragged me to all the attractions and held my hand and stuff like that. Kids are so adorable. The one-year old were a bit mommy, but he had no problem exploring a rabbit house when mom and three year-old went on an attraction. I put him on a tiny slide several times as well and he had a great time.

There were a lot of people at Liseberg today though. It was hard getting through with the stroller.

Back home I prepared the vodka-infused watermelon I will serve tomorrow at the party and I’ve also eaten dinner. Korvstroganoff, leftovers from last night. Korvstroganoff is something I really missed last year so I made it for the last time this year last night. It is like beef stroganoff but with a special type of sausage we have here in Sweden called Falukorv. Swedes, don’t take falukorv for granted!!

I actually think I will go to bed now. I am really tired! Tomorrow will be a long day. Up a bit early to get into downtown to buy a birthday gift for Karin and then out to Lövsjön for a few hours of birthday party and relaxing. I can’t be there for too long though. I will need to get back home to take a shower before Andrea gets here at 6pm. And at that point we will prepare for the party and I guess the guests will arrive at 7pm at the earliest and most at 8:30-9pm. I am really excited about the party!!

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