Another day of fixing

I am starting to really enjoy being free like this. I have so much energy to do those tiny things I didn’t do before. Like tonight I sat for several hours making small funny signs for everything I will offer my guests on Sunday. That was a fun little arts and crafts project. I have also started to transfer movies and tv-shows from my big external hard drives and putting it temporary on my computer so I have something to watch next year (and don’t have to carry heavy ext. HDD).

I also went grocery shopping with mom. I bought alcohol and snacks for Sunday. And before that I scanned my German book and class notes from last years German I course in San Diego. I will need to go through it all before German II after this Christmas. And I don’t wanna bring extra books to Cali.

Around lunch today I had an interview with a girl for Cultural Care and then I guess not so much more than watching Glee and eating tomato soup with feta cheese.

It was a nice day, and the beautiful weather made it better. It has been pretty cold lately, but today it was warm, like really warm. I hope it will stay like this until I leave.

Tomorrow I will go up early to put the big chunk of beef I bought the other day in the oven and let it cook for five hours until Felix and Sara comes over to take a look at the apartment and share a lunch with me. And after that I don’t have any plans, I think I will read. Just sit down for a few hours and read! The third Throne of Glass book was released today, but I need to finish the prequel before I start reading this new one. I don’t think I could handle reading several books at the same time. Or maybe I could, but if I started reading a couple of books, then that would probably escalate to more and more books at the same time and that would most definitely not work.

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