The only thing I’ve done today is studying. I ended the day by writing a 8 page summary of all different types of problems this course include. It is pretty obvious what types of problems I know more about. Easier to write things when you know more. Wood and steel are nice types of construction materials. Concrete not so much…

I did feel prepared yesterday. It felt good and I felt that I could have a chance this time. But today, when I finished all the problems that I told myself I would do before the test, it doesn’t feel that good anymore. I think it is because I know time is running out to prepare and it is too little time to do everything I want to do and it just gets overwhelming and I don’t know what to do instead. I think I will do some problems tomorrow but focus on the theory. I haven’t done any of it since June!

While I’m studying tomorrow I will be cooking dinner for mom, pulled pork!! We put the meat in marinade tonight and I hope it will taste even better this time.

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