Grumpy old ladies

Yesterday morning when I was on the tram to work something weird happened. I was standing up, listening to music and texting with mom, when all of a sudden I feel someone kick me on my shin. I look up and on the seat in front of me is an old lady who seems to be wanting my attention. I gave her a very questioning face and listened to what she had to say. She was telling me that I should sit down instead of standing up. The trams do a fast and hard stop and when it does I could easily fall on her. That’s everything I registered from what she was saying. I think she actually had talked to me for a while and sat there for many stops without me falling in her lap.

The only things I said to her was that it is very rude to kick people (it actually was a pretty hard kick) and that I can stand up if I want to, I am young and won’t fall over. Then I just plugged my music in again and ignored her for another 20 seconds before getting off.

This is the second time in a very short amount of time that an old lady yells at me. Do I look provocating to old ladies? Or are they just jealous because I am young? Annoying nevertheless.

At work yesterday I called on the security guards for the first time since I started four weeks ago. I was at Höjdskräcken and a bunch of annoying boys came to go on the ride. They didn’t listen to me when I asked them to calm down, they totally ignored me and showed no respect at all. I don’t think some guests at Liseberg understands that we actually work there. Anyway, I told them that I was gonna call the guards if they didn’t stop, they didn’t. So I put them on the attraction and pretended the safety restraints were troubling while I sat down and waited for the guards.

My heart was beating like crazy and I almost felt a little bad. But they were making my job harder than it should be and I just couldn’t focus on them and operating the attraction at the same time. It was hard calling the guards actually, but from now on I don’t think it will be that hard. I mean, the security’s job is to take care of disturbance in the park. And those guys were definitely a disturbance.

I got off at 8pm last night and my last half hour was on AtmosFear. After letting people in to the attraction my colleague told me that there were some famous people on the ride. They were from America but she had no idea who they were. So I went up to them and asked them who they were, and it turned out they were Avenged Sevenfold! I haven’t listened very much to them so I apologized for not recognizing them. They have good music though and I probably should have listened more to them when I was more into Hard Rock. I was very starstruck when I talked to them and checked their safety restraints. They filmed with a GoPro camera while I was doing it. I hope I don’t look too stupid…

When I came home I cooked two dinners, Korv Stroganoff with quinoa and feta/pesto salmon with root vegetables. Both were really good and I got 9 lunchboxes.

This morning I went to the dentist with my all of a sudden tooth ache. My upper left wisdom tooth has started hurting and is now growing into my chin. Two months ago it wasn’t. Weird. The dentist told me he could extract it right away, but I had a ten hour day ahead of me at Liseberg so that wouldn’t be a very good idea. Instead of getting it removed today he cleaned it and gave me an appointment in August! I don’t wanna wait until then. It hurts now. I want it gone now! I don’t want to go through this shit again. I hope it will start hurting again on July 7th so I can call the emergency dentist and ask them to remove it on the same day so I have a couple of days at home to recover.

At work I had three hours of Höjdskräcken. Like almost every day. I think it is okay though. I like that attraction, even if I am working there alone. But that means I talk to the guests instead. I both opened and closed it and my last hour, between 10 and 11pm I had fun. Just a few guests and even fewer rides. When they did show up there though I asked them how many times they wanted to go and just pressed the go-buttons right when they came down. Happy guests =  happy Alexandra.


I told myself today that I was just gonna go home, brush my teeth and then go to bed. As usual, that didn’t work. I feel that I need to calm down after work and before bed. And if that is between 1 and 2 am, then there’s not much I can’t do…

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