Pre course registration

It was so nice to sleep until 11am spend four hours in school before a good dinner on the couch in front of Game of Thrones.

We got a lot of feedback on our thesis report and some really big question marks on our Excel-file. That’s no fun when we only have 1,5 week until the first deadline. I have to admit that I am a little bit stressed. But because of this I want to work as much as possible now, which will probably mean that we are gonna have some days to relax.

When I came home from school I made dinner, falukorv with apple slices and ketchup in the oven served with mashed potatoes. It was surprisingly good! And enough for lunch tomorrow.

I’ve also started to look at courses I want to take in the fall semester. The list of all the courses became available yesterday so we students can prepare. But the real registration starts on May 9th at 1pm Pacific Time, 10pm Swedish time. One of the courses I put in my application wasn’t available this semester so I had to find another one and it took some time. But after a while I found one and got a very nice schedule altogether. If I can take those four courses I will be free on both Mondays and Fridays the whole fall semester! Awesome or what!

The classes I want to take is:

  • CE 321 – Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering, 3 credits
    The characteristics and functions of highway, air, rail, transit and other modes of urban and intercity transportation. Fundamentals of transportation design, operations, and planning.
  • CE 322 – Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering Laboratory, 2 credits
    Application of principles of transportation planning, operations, and design. Emphasis on urban transportation planning and operations, and the design of urban and intercity highway and rail facilities. Experimental determination of the physical and mechanical properties of pavement materials through laboratory and field testing. Analysis of data and preparation of testing reports.
  • EDES 406 – Sustainable Environments, 4 credits
    Collaboration of interdisciplinary faculty and guest speakers/panelists. Introduction, illustration and analysis of concepts and principles for sustainability to be used in all aspects of environmental design. Integration and application of knowledge of human and natural systems with environmental, social and economic concerns, from a global-to-local perspective
  • ARCH 217 – History of World Architecture: Prehistory – Middle Ages, 4 credits
    Architecture and urbanism in the ancient world, from prehistory to the Middle Ages. Social, cultural and physical conditions that influenced the built environment to the Mediterranean basis, plus Europe, Asia, Africa and Pre-Columbian America.

I am also thinking about taking a one credit course of volleyball. But that would mean classes on Mondays, and I think it could be worth having that day off if I ever want to go on long weekend trips. Or just be a lazy Cali girl and hang out on the beach.

It isn’t this easy to register for classes though. I wish! Two of them this semester have prerequisites which means I have to get a Course Permission Number from each teacher after probably sending them syllabi and transcripts from Chalmers. Or maybe just sucking up to them, I’ve heard American teachers love that. It’s not gonna be as hard as I thought though, I had imagined getting syllabi for ALL my courses, but the other two semesters are a later problem.
I have sent one email to the civil engineer department and asked them how to get those numbers, and I have a draft to the Sustainable Environments teacher. There are no prerequisites, but it says that I have to have the consent of the teacher.

I am still waiting for Cal Poly Housing to get back to me about how and when to apply for that room on campus. I hope they answer soon, I have a feeling that application needs to be handed in pretty very soon.


Tomorrow will be a fun day, except being in school at 8. And to do laundry at 11. But watching the Cortége and having dinner out with Dzejna and co will be plenty of fun :).

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