Leaving the apartment

I dared go outside today. And it wasn’t bad at all. I had my new A&F Weather Warrior Parka and my boots and went for a walk for a little more than an hour. It must have been around freezing, but with the right clothes it was actually nice, feeling that icy cold on my face again after so many months in the sun (but I’m already counting down to the summer and my next trip to California in September). My original plan was to go to the grocery store to pick up a package for mom, but when I came there I wanted to keep walking so I took a little walk down to Chalmers and up again. It was nice! And it is fun when people are staring at me for being so tan, hehe :). The package was two pillows for the cats.

I woke up at 7am today and have, except for my walk, been by the computer organizing my external hard drives.  It is needed.

I felt like crap later this afternoon. Around like 6pm I became super tired out of nowhere and so drunk at the same time. I guess that is the jetlag… I’m glad I can sleep at least! But right now I’m not tired at all and it’s almost 2am… I hope I will be able to sleep until 9.

I have a lot of plans tomorrow. First I have my dentist appointment at 10:45am. I hope I don’t have to wait more than a couple of weeks to remove my wisdom teeth, well, one at a time. And then I will apply for three scholarships from Chalmers, do an online course that I have to do before starting with my thesis and then there is the Olympics opening ceremony. Looks like I will have a day full of fun events!

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