The Red Pyramid

Today I finished the first Kane Chronicle book, the Red Pyramid. I’ve read better books and some parts were confusing. But it was worth reading anyway. Now I’m reading the 9th Bane Chronicle book (The Mortal Instruments extras) and then I will continue with the two last Kane books.

It’s getting late but I have a lot of things to do still. First I have to go to the library and print some things, and then I need to go to like Target and see if they sell tiny screws to sunglasses. Mine broke again this weekend and I don’t wanna go to Hawaii with a safety pin holding them together. It’s awesome engineering, but a normal screw would be better. And then I wanna find snorkeling equipment, I think it might be cheaper here than on Hawaii.

Can you believe I’m going there in 39 hours?! I can’t, but I’m sooo excited anyway!!!!

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