Packing for real…

The last year is now packed in two suitcases, one carry-on and one big “purse”. It still doesn’t feel real though. Was I packing for someone else? The two big suitcases are 48 and 49lbs, and my Victoria’s Secret tote (my personal item) is filled to the limit with heavy stuff like papers. I think I have to go through my clothes and be brave and throw some away. I want to do it now, but staying up past midnight last night wasn’t the best idea when a long day was waiting today. So that is another day’s project. Hopefully before my goodbye dinner on Sunday when I’m giving everything I can’t bring to Lovisa and Johanna.

This morning I didn’t have any fun emails and I started the day by driving the girl to a hangout (=playdate for older kids) with some friends. She was there pretty much the whole day so it was just me and the boy. In the morning he went to the doctor with his mom and the results were Pneumonia. Poor little guy. But the only symptoms he has are fever and some coughing. So that’s good. Otherwise he is like a normal and healthy kid. Today he was full of life and wanted to play board games the whole day. I have no idea how many games we played, but it was a lot!

I also called the DMV. And I can’t say anything else than that I hate them with all of my heart. Two days ago they told me to fax my papers and today (after like an hour of trying to get through) when I asked if they got them they said yes but they aren’t gonna give me my driver license because my DS2019 expires on Jan 17th. I got really angry and asked them why they treated me differently when everyone else with the exact same papers as I have got their driver licenses without any fuss. I am the only one that I know of that had to send in the papers myself. And why the fuck couldn’t they tell me that I had to do that? I’ve called them several times this year and asked about my license, but they just said I had to wait… Stupid fucktards! Now I won’t have a cool souvenir to show off with when I go back…

I’ve finished the goodbye gift to my hostfamily, my packing is (almost) done, so I guess I am ready to leave. I’m glad I packed last night since I won’t have time this weekend and I didn’t want to do it a couple of days before I leave. What if I had to send something home?
I felt like it was time to leave last night. When you’re done packing, it means you’re ready to go somewhere. Even if I’m not, it’s a little bit hard going on like normal when everything I own here is in suitcases and I’m just waiting for the next big adventure. At the same time I don’t want to leave.
I think you all understand how mixed my feelings are at this moment and it feels like that is the only thing I’m writing about nowadays. It’s very hard to describe these feelings…

Tomorrow’s Friday, then comes the weekend and a couple of days later I’m leaving…

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