1 year

I can’t believe it, it’s been one year since I left Sweden.

12 months.

365 days have I spent in this amazing place called San Diego (technically no, since I was in New York my first 4 days, but who cares). And as little as I can believe that I’m leaving it in 8 days, as little can I believe I’ve been away from my first home for a year already. This has definitely become my second home and at the moment I can’t recall how it was like living in Sweden. At the same time I remember everything, but I just can’t imagine living in those memories anymore. I’m so used to this life now. Going to the beach and palm trees are part of my everyday life and I am really gonna miss that! I think this is where I belong, where I don’t have to freeze most of the months of the year. I’ve been truly happy here. I can’t remember when I honestly could say that in Sweden last time… BUT, this is the magical part about this adventure. I’ve grown so much, I’m not just one year older, I’m still the same person but with better views on life and that is gonna help me so much when I come back in just four weeks. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what exactly everyone thinks about me. I don’t have to be friends with everyone. It totally makes sense now (weird that it never did before, isn’t it?) that I should only choose to be surrounded by people that make me happy. I’ve learned the ability to forgive and forget. Well, not forget completely, but to let things that doesn’t matter go. I wasn’t able to do that before. I am proud of myself and I really like the new me.

Even if I’m sad about leaving everything and everyone here, I am happy.


It has been a very eventful day here in the house. I woke up tired and grumpy as usual, but when I checked the night’s emails I got happy in the second I read what the top one’s subject was. Invitation to interview. Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg thought my summer job application was one of the better ones and asked me to come to a group interview. It was a long preparation email and it didn’t even occur to me when I was gonna do this until I was done reading and the date and time was right there. February 4th 13:15. That’s 6.5 hours after I arrive at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg. Shit. Apparently it wasn’t enough with the airplane torture, they want me to go for a job interview right after! I tried calling them today to change the date to at least Thursday. But they didn’t answer, it was 7pm in Sweden so they probably weren’t there. I will try later tonight and if that doesn’t work I will call again tomorrow morning at 6am (3pm in Sweden). After that I will send an email and if that doesn’t work I will tell them that my mom will call them and change the interview for me. I think they will understand that I want to be at my best at an interview for a job I really want. I am really excited about this!

Before lunch me and the kids watched the last Harry Potter movie. The boy is still sick, but even if he had 103F (40C) he was surprisingly unsick. Kids are weird. But we had a very nice day together again. For lunch they wanted Swedish pancakes with ice cream. Since I’m leaving soon I’m actually spoiling them a bit and letting them have stuff that I was strict about during the rest of the year. Even if I knew they loved me before it feels good with the happy faces they give when I surprise them by saying yes.

We also played board games, such as Forbidden Island again, and we actually lost! Then we also played the Star Wars Lego game I gave the boy when I arrived.

For dinner I made homemade pizza from scratch. Half pepperoni and half pineapple. It was good but because of my stupid tooth infection I couldn’t eat more than a small slice. Speaking of that infection. I called the dentist and told them the infection was back and without any further questions they just gave me a new prescription for antibiotics and painkillers.

I also called the DMV today. Two hours waiting, but fortunately they have the recall function. They told me to call another number and ask about my driver license I still haven’t got after almost 9 months. The guy said it was pending because of my immigrant papers. Seriously, they couldn’t tell me like five months ago that they needed me to fax them? And seriously #2, why couldn’t I just send an email with those papers scanned to .pdf’s? My hostdad was so kind and helped me with the fax they have in the house so I sent them and in two days I will call back for Joe and ask if everything is alright. I hope I will get my driver license when I’m on Hawaii so I at least can bring it home to Sweden. Otherwise my hostparents have to send it later. I seriously hate DMV! They are f-ing retards…

What else happened today? Probably not much if I can’t remember it…


😦 8 days left 🙂

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