LCC meeting #13

I didn’t have to go to the meeting today, it’s only 12 that’s included in the program, but I wanted to say goodbye. It wasn’t as hard as I imagine, but I really liked my LCC, she was nice and caring. We were at her apartment today and we just talked for a couple of hours.

My cold got worse yesterday when I thought it was getting better so the rest of the afternoon was spent on Chad’s couch reading and watching the 49ers game. It’s playoff so it’s either win or be gone. They won in the last few seconds of the game. I still don’t understand the rules but it’s entertaining sometimes to watch.

At 5pm we drove to his parents’ house to have smoked rib for dinner. It was delicious but I couldn’t eat more than two ribs because my tooth ache is back. And I fear that it is another infection… I hope I have time to go to the dentist to get more antibiotics this week if that’s the case. The boy is really sick so I can’t leave the house… I guess I just could have called the office, if I didn’t throw the card with the number away just two days ago…

After the dinner I watched Rabbids Invasion, a very silly show, but funny, while Chad did some studying.

I probably should go to bed so I can get up tomorrow at 8.

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