Still sick

I can’t believe I’m still sick. Usually I don’t even get sick and when I do it’s over right after it started. I really hate it. But I had a very nice day with the kids at home. The girl made muffins for breakfast and for lunch we had Swedish pancakes, well they had. I had leftovers from New Year’s Eve. Still as good.

We played one of the game’s the girl got for Christmas, Forbidden Island which was a very fun game actually. You have to, as a team, retrieve all the four treasures before the island sinks by drawing cards and moving around.

The rest of the afternoon we watched Harry Potter 5 and 6. I’m still not feeling too well to do anything. It is getting better though, but slowly.

Now I really want to see the last two Harry Potter movies, but apparently I left those on my external hard drive in Sweden so I can’t watch them quite just yet…

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