Short Friday

No more school for the kids this year. Christmas is right around the corner and all my gifts are bought and wrapped. The floors aren’t done, so they are gonna come in tomorrow and finish it so we can get the house clean and ready for the holidays. Hopefully I will be out playing beachvolleyball so I don’t have to be awoken by them.

This day was really short, I got off work at 2pm already and since then I’ve been wrapping all the gifts and reading. I’m really tired for some weird reason, so I had to stop reading and now I don’t know what to do, maybe watch a movie instead?

When I dropped off the boy at his school it was crowded with marines. After reading a lot of dystopian books recently it made me feel a little bit uneasy having them standing on the playground just looking around. Some of them were playing with the kids and that made me feel better, that made me smile actually. The reason they were there was because the kids at that school have been donating a lot of food and toys to the marines, and today they were picking it up (it was a huuuge mountain of canned and dry food) and were taking a part of the flag salute the school has every Friday. I didn’t stay for the flag salute, because of my short freetime today. I’ve been present on other Flagsalutes though and it is so patriotic it feels wrong to be there as a non American. If we would behave like that in Sweden we would be called rasist, for sure.

I didn’t have much freetime today because of the kids’ early release day. But I spent those two hours with Chad eating brunch. When I picked up the girl I tried the drive by lane and it worked okay. It felt wrong letting the engine stay on for that long though, not very Swedish of me but a necessity. So it’s both a good and a bad thing that I only have one more day working when the kids are in school, my last day in this family.

This weekend will be very nice! Tomorrow I will play beachvolleyball for the first time in a while (I hope it’s  not the last) and on Sunday I will first have a skype date with my whole family and after that me, Lovisa and Johanna are going to Disneyland! I seriously can’t wait!!

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