Lucia celebration

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Lucia isn’t until tomorrow, I know, but the kids at the Swedish School only meet on Thursdays so we had an early Lucia today. Lucia is a Scandinavian tradition. A train of people sings songs and have white dresses on and a lot of lights to light up the darkness at this time of year. Eleven nights before Christmas.
It was so beautiful! The girl was the Lucia and she was so pretty, the boy was a “starboy” with his starry cone on his head and big golden star in his hand. All the songs were in Swedish and even if all the kids there are part American it sounded like a real Swedish kid’s Lucia train. The boy have trouble speaking Swedish, that’s known among my (9) readers I think, and he really tried singing and that made me so proud, because he really tried. And some songs he said he was singing along with. I love my kids!

When I came home I was hoping that I could move my stuff back into my room, because today the guys finished the whole first floor!! But we have to clean it first so the guestroom is still occupied by me. In the afternoon they started with the stairs, removed the carpet and told us to wear shoes when we walk on it because of nails and splinters. When my hostmom called me to tell me they were going out for dinner the boy reminded me to keep the shoes on when I came home after my Starbucks date with Lovisa. The Prius’ has a phone integrated so everyone in the car could talk to me. He is so cute!

In my freetime today I was feeling very bad, well, in the morning too. My head hurt like hell and as soon as I moved I almost got nauseous because of the pain. So I just lay in my bed, I skyped with mom, read and tried to sleep for a while. I’m almost done with my book now, only 40 pages left. And it is so good!! All of Cassandra Clare’s books are awesome! The Clockwork Princess is the last one in The Infernal Devices triology and after that there’s only like two more in the Bane Chronicles and one in the Mortal Instruments which will be publiced in March. Can’t wait for that one. She is gonna write a sequel series to the Mortal Instruments (the Infernal Devices is a prequel).

Tomorrow’s finally IKEA’s Julbord! It will be so nice with some “real” Swedish food. I’m also happy that Chad is excited to go with me, Lovisa and Cati.

CA fall in Dec This is what fall looks like in Cali, in December. Very beautiful!Stair in progress

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