LCC meeting #12

I thought I had my last au pair meeting today but my LCC changed it from Jan 19th to the 5th so I have one more meeting. Not that I have to attend that one, because I’ve had all my 12 now, but it can still be fun. Today at the meeting we were in Bueno Vista Park, we took a tiny walk and then played the Christmas gift game White Elephant. I didn’t get my gift, I could’ve but I was to curious so instead of stealing it, I decided to open the last gift and end the game. That was a bad move on my part. I ended up with a super blue longsleeved top from H&M. That kind of blue is not my color and I don’t want any more clothes. My suitcases are already full!

I spent the afternoon at Chad’s reading with two chihuahuas in my lap. Those two dogs love me and I have no idea why, maybe I have a hidden dog magnet inside of me somewhere. Chad was studying next to me while watching football. After 11 months I’m still clueless when it comes to the rules of that game.

The evening was spent in the guestroom reading some more. Then the whole family had a very good dinner. Potato gratin, roast beef and salad. For dessert we had chocolate pudding with whipped cream. Sunday luxury!

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