It is only two weeks until Winter Breaks begin. The kids are tired of school after one week and can’t wait until Christmas. They are a bit sad though that they can’t have a Christmas Tree as early as they usually have because of the floor changing. But I’ve been told that the first floor will be done in the middle of next week. We have Christmas decorations outside of the house but non inside yet.

Today the floor in my room was laid. But I can’t move in there yet because they have to put up the baseboards. It will be very pretty when it’s done.

I finished Clockwork Prince today and started on the third and last book in The Infernal Devices triology, Clockwork Princess. It is a very good series!

It’s still very cold so today I actually started wearing a jacket over my sweater. Much better! But it’s still cold in the house, well, the guest room where I’m sleeping.

This day was a very happy and important day for my weight loss. In a month I’ve lost 11lbs which is 5kg!! And with my new 132lbs I’ve officially dropped below 60kg again. I’m so happy! I don’t have a specific goal, but 10-15 lbs more would be nice.

This weekend I have a lot of plans. Tomorrow I will play my last beach volleyball tournament (if it’s not raining) and after that go to Winter Nights at Balboa Park. I’m not sure exactly what to expect there, but I’m sure it will be nice.

On Sunday I have my last LCC meeting. That will be sad…

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